Report: How does MB proudly show grudges against Egypt?

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Report: How does MB proudly show grudges against Egypt?

Sayyid Qutb in court in 1966- (AFP Photo)Sayyid Qutb in court in 1966- (AFP Photo) Report: How does MB proudly show grudges against Egypt? By: Nawal Sayed Tue, May. 29, 2018 CAIRO â€" 29 May 2018: "A homeland is merely a grain of rotten sand. Islam is our homeland," said leading member of the outlawed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood group in the 50s and 60s, Sayyed Qutb.
Years after Qutb's quote which showed how much he hated Egypt, new hatred statements were repeated. One of the group's leading members living abroad, Nasser al-Dafrawy, wrote on his Facebook account that he did not believe in boundaries and described citizens inside the country like animals in a farm.
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Earlier, Doha-based news channel Al-Jazeera's anchor Saber Mashhour, declared "I do not recognize patriotism…I believe neither in patriotism nor in boundaries."
In response to Mashhour's insulting statement, Emirati thinker Mohamed al-Sharfaa Hamady criticized the MB's hate statements against Egypt. "National identity does not contradict with Islam," Hamady noted.
He stressed to Egypt Today that the Muslim Brotherhood group can cooperate with the devil to reach their goals. "Homeland embraces those who defend it and preserve its security and stability."
"To hell with Egypt, "said MB's late Guide Mahdy Akef in an interview aired on Cairo-based Al-Qahera wel Nas in 2012. Akef's statements (Toz fi Masr: In Arabic) stirred anger at the MB among all the Egyptian sects, denouncing the group's supreme and top leaders lack of respect to Egypt.
For his part, Yehia Kedwany, deputy chief of defense and national security committee, said that the MB's statements proved that the group's members "don't feel they belong to the country.
"Brotherhood members doubt Prophet Mohammed's saying about soldiers who die defending their homeland…We got used to such statements from the MB side," Kedwany told Egypt Today on Tuesday.
He manifested that the group members have "zero affiliation" to the country, but they have "100 percent belief in their malicious ideas".
Kedwany stressed Al-Azhar and Islamic scholars must launch campaigns to warn against the Brotherhood ideology which seeks only hatred and destruction for Egypt.

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