Ancient Egypt: 800 Tombs Discovered In Massive Grave Site Lurking Between Two Pyramids

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Ancient Egypt: 800 Tombs Discovered In Massive Grave Site Lurking Between Two Pyramids

Archaeologists have uncovered more than 800 tombs in Egypt thought to date back some 4,000 years.

The massive haul of graves were hidden in an ancient cemetery scientists have been aware of for years. A recent expedition finally revealed the tombs, Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities reported.

The gravesite lies between a pair of pyramids near Lisht, a village near Al Ayat to the south of Cairo, National Geographic stated. The tombs hail from Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, archaeologist Sarah Parcak told the publication. “Like all these other sites in Egypt,” Parcak said, “there’s a lot left to map and discover.” Parcak did not immediately respond to Newsweek’s request for comment.

The Middle Kingdom, which stretched from about 2050 to 1710 B.C.E., is characterised by a “blossoming” of art and culture, she added. This period also saw Osiris, god of the underworld, rise to prominence among the deities commonly worshipped in Egypt.

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The pyramids near the cemetery mark the graves of pharaohs Senusret I and his father Amenemhet I, kings of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt. This period is often considered a peak of the Middle Kingdom.

Amenemhet I’s pyramidâ€"whic h resembles those of Egypt’s Old Kingdomâ€"is poorly preserved. Much of the structure has disintegrated and it has been very difficult for archaeologists to reach the pyramid’s interior. Once a highly imposing monument, it now stands at roughly 65 feet tall.

Researchers found the tombs during an expedition led by the University of Alabama-Birmingham and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. They mapped the complex of tombs and began restoring an elite tomb, National Geographic reported.

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9_13_Lisht Site Archaeologists explore the Lisht site, Egypt

“From this area, there really aren't very many tombs that are known, except for the royal tombs there,” Kathryn Bard, an archaeologist at Boston University who was not involved in the work, told the publicat ion. “That's why this cemetery is important.”

Officials have widely publicised recent archaeological discoveries such the remains of a Neolithic village. Tourism continues to suffer in Egypt following the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anani recently encouraged visitors to see a recently-unearthed sphinx statue, Egypt Today previously reported.

In other ancient news, archaeologists recently discovered an ancient board game in the hidden chamber of a castle located in today’s Russia. The remains of an ancient lost city in China, meanwhile, are transforming scientists’ understanding of the country’s history.

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