Widower reveals 'cover up' fears after wife dies in case echoing that of Egypt couple

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Widower reveals 'cover up' fears after wife dies in case echoing that of Egypt couple

The widower of a ‘healthy’ teacher who died after a holiday in Egypt has said there are ‘similarities’ between his wife’s death and that of Burnley couple John and Susan Cooper.

Grammar school teacher Alison Sonnex, 54, became violently ill after she and her husband noticed a ‘strong smell’ in their room during a stay at the five-star Royal Tulip Hotel in the Red Sea resort of Marsa Alam in April â€" booked through Thomas Cook.

Her husband believes her death echoes that of Mr Cooper, 69, and his wife, 63, who died last week during a Thomas Cook holiday at the Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel in Hurghada.

The Coopers’ daughter, Kelly Ormerod, claimed in an interview with the BBC that there was also a ‘funny smell’ in their room before they died.

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Languages teacher Mrs Sonnex and her husband Clive E versfield both fell ill with vomiting and diarrhoea on April 11 this year.

Mrs Sonnex collapsed the next morning, and was taken to hospital where she died. Her death was recorded as ‘heart failure’ by the Egyptian authorities.

But Mr Eversfield, 59, told the Daily Mail: ‘I do not accept that my wife died of natural causes. She was only 54 and fit and healthy â€" there is no reason why she should have died. […] I think there was something in that room that caused us to fall ill.’

Mr Eversfield, from Ramsgate, Kent, said that he feared there had been a ‘cover-up’ when he heard Ms Ormerod describing her parents’ deaths.

Mr Eversfield said: ‘I was stunned when I read about the couple â€" there were so many similarities in what happened to us.

‘I feel like what happened when my wife died is being covered up in some way, as appears to be happening now with this case.

‘It is not a one-off. Three people, who their relatives bel ieved were fit and healthy, have died. There are several common denominators â€" something is clearly wrong.’

Mr Eversfield claimed that towards the end of the holiday he noticed a strong, bleach-like smell in their room.

On the final night of their holiday, the couple ate at the hotel buffet and went back to their room.

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They woke at around 1am suffering from projectile vomiting and diarrhoea.

As they went to check out the following morning Mrs Sonnex collapsed and they were both rushed to hospital.

Mrs Sonnex fell unconscious and was taken to intensive care, where she died.

The head teacher of Dane Court school, Andrew Fowler, described Mrs Sonnex as a ‘gifted linquist’.

At an opening inquest in June, the UK post-mortem results gave the cause of her death as unascertained. A full inquest is due to be held later this month.

Thomas Cook said Mrs Sonnex’s death ‘was registered as natural ca uses and we are fully supporting the coroner who is investigating’.

The Coopers’ deaths are still being investigated.

In a press release issued on August 29, the Egyptian ministry of tourism denied that Red Sea governor Maj Gen Ahmed Abdullah confirmed there was a ‘strange odour’ in the Coopers’ room.

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