Egypt attack: Gunmen target bus with Coptic Christians

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Egypt attack: Gunmen target bus with Coptic Christians

Middle East Middle East Egypt attack: Gunmen target bus with Coptic Christians


At least seven people have been killed in Egypt by gunmen who opened fire on a bus carrying a group of Coptic Christians, officials say.

A number of people were also injured in the attack in the Minya region, south of the capital Cairo.

The bus was heading towards a local monastery, a senior Coptic cleric says.

The Islamic State grou p says it carried out the attack. Islamist militants have targeted Egypt's Coptic Christian minority repeatedly in recent years.

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Media captionCoptic Christians are a significant minority in Egypt

Egypt's Copts have in the past accused the authorities of making only token gestures to protect them from such attacks.

Egypt is a Muslim-majority country and its Christian minority - mostly members of the Coptic Orthodox Church - make up around 10% of the population.

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